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Evolution Diode Laser HX-23 

Evolution HX-23 Uses a unique laser with longer pulses 808nm width which penetrates better into  the follicle.  Laser can be absorbed by the melanin hair  using the theory for selective optical adsorption. Shaft and follicle hair are heated rapidly in order to destroy the surrounding oxygen .
The unique super cooling technology prevents from possible skin burning and also will bring certain anesthetic effect to the epidermis.

Super Cooling System

Bigger Sapphire Head

Faster 10 Shots/Sec

Longer Pulses

All Hair Types 

Laser Type:   Semiconductor Diode Laser

Laser Wavelength :  808nm
Spot Size : 10*16nm
Energy Density (fluency ) : 10-120 Joules / cm2  Adjustable
Laser Bar : 12 Pieces
Power: 2000 Watts
Pulse Width : 10 - 1400ms
Frequency : 1 - 10 Hz
Cooling System : water, Tec Sapphire Chill Tip Tech Contact Cooling
Water Volume : 8 litters
Handle  Piece Flow Rate:  3.5 - 5 litters /min
Interfaces: LCD Touch Screen Full Color 800*600
Voltage : 110 -220 volts 

2 Year warranty