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Body Gym Combo

Body Gym Combo is the latest technology to shape body and face, comes with a new feature called " Bio Heated  Technology".  This heat function will make each electrode to produce electric pulses and heat that can be regulated with different preset programs in the friendly digital console. Body Gym Combo is not only electric stimulation, it has a micro current to create face lifting or penetrate products to different hand pieces like the picture below shown.    


  • Massage:Massage with BIO,smooth tense muscles.
  • Dissolve:  BIO wave is used to the deep shock at high speed, soften stubborn fat.
  • Weight loss:BIO wave is used to stimulate muscular contraction,burn calories.
  • Lymphatic drainage:  BIO wave is used to dredging the channel, improve the metabolism.
  • Like acupuncture, single-point speed shock, penetrate blood vein like acupuncture-like effects.
  • Tone the muscle:  helps regulate muscle movements, keep the muscles nor flabby and prolapse.
  • Accelerating the repair of muscle fibers, eliminating lactic acid, reduce muscle soreness.
  • Body shaping, skin tightening, slim belly, thigh, arm and the laxity parts.