Vacuum Nano

    • Portable
    • Powerful suction 
    • 2 Cups for buttock lifting
    • 1 Cup for molding 
    • 4 Pre Set programs for butt lifting
    • 1 program for molding cup
    • programs could be customized if customers  need it
    • auto timer for each program
    • knob for pressure regulation
    • light indicator for each program state
    • only 4 pounds weigh
    • 8" x 8" x 3.5"

Cavi-4 PRO

Mini Vacuum

  • Body shaping and buttock lifting.
  • Pressure control
  • Session Timer
  • Different modes for shaping
  • No warranty, Designed for Home  Use

Body Gym Combo

Bella Sculpting

  • Vacuum -80 0 (KPA)
  • RF 2MHz
  • Roller Speed 0-36rpm
  • Infrared light to improve cell fat break down 5-20 watts
  • Infrared wave length 610-650nm
  • Pulse width 1 - 9.9ms
  • Pulse Intervals 5ms - 99ms
  • Handles : Body 80mm x 40mm
  • Arm: 12mm x 40mm
  • Face: 14mm x 30mm
  • Touch Screen 8” 800*600, Emergency Button,
  • Life of Handle 500Hours
  • Skin Fold Caliper and Infrared Thermometer Included
  • Cooling System by Air
  • Power Consumption 300VA
  • 110-220 v AC
  • Training included with certification
  • 1 year Limited Warranty, 3 Months Limited Warranty on     Accessories

Buttocks Lifting System
Now you can shape the body and make a great buttock lifting with Vacuum PRO by BellaSkin
  • Body shaping and buttocks lifting
  • Pressure control Knob
  • Protocols 
  • Working history
  • 4 Pre-set programs
  • 1 year warranty
  • Color touch screen
  • Buttock cups set
  • Knuckle cup

High Intense Focused Ultrasound

HIFU is a face lifting tightening technology that is really helpful for anti-aging treatments, also can be used for the body for firming treatments all related to increasing collagen.
its use of high ultrasound waves very focused that creates high amounts of heat underneath of your skin which cause the stimulation of the cells that will release collagen creating super rejuvenated and tight skin which will look younger and healthy.  The collagen will increase in the week and even months ahead after treatment.