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                                              Bella Sculpting

Bella Sculpting new BellaSkin equipment which combines powerful vacuum suction to break the fat cells that are stocked into the tissue, this vacuum function comes with two  metallic rollers that generate radio frequency to make the skin firm, also at the same time deliveries infrared light which help to stimulate the collagen and smooth the skin faster. All of this function working at the same time the results will be much better and faster. Bella Sculpting includes 3 handles: the big one for body, the medium one for limbs and smaller for face.The equipment has a LCD touch screen which makes easy to navigate in all the interfaces in order to set up each treatments depending patient treatments.

• RF Frequency 2Mhz
• Vacuum -80 0 (KPA)
• Roller Speed 0-36rpm
• Infrared light to improve cell fat break down 5-20 watts
• Infrared wave length 610-650nm
• Pulse width 1 - 9.9ms
• Pulse Intervals 5ms - 99ms
• Handles : Body 80mm x 40mm
Arm: 12mm x 40mm
Face: 14mm x 30mm
• Touch Screen 8” 800*600, Emergency Button,
• Life of Handle 500Hours
• Skin Fold Caliper and Infrared Thermometer Included
• Cooling System by Air
• Power Consumption 300VA
• 110-220 v AC
• 1 Year Limited Warranty, 3 Months Limited Warranty on Accessories Training Included with Certification