Casmara Green Tea Mask (1 mask) - Revitalizing & anti-stress # 2141



Mask based on algae extracts, enriched with green tea and lavender.

The green tea leaves contain polyphenols and catechins, molecules with a great antioxidant power that prevent and diminish cellular ageing. Green tea also contains beta-carotenes that protect the skin from the aggression of solar radiation.

Lavender is an aromatic herb with a relaxing effect, providing a sensation of wellbeing.

The carbohydrates of these algae are able to solidify and form a plastic film that produces a certain pressure on the application area, favouring the penetration of the previously applied active principles, as well as the active elements of the mask itself.


This mask is suitable for all skin types, and especially for skins fatigued or harmed by weather conditions, such as cold, wind or solar radiation, and in general for all facial anti-age treatments.

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