Casmara - Skin Sensation Treatment (6 phases - 2 Masks) - Revitalizing # 2003


This mask presents various exclusive properties: revitalising because of the 24 karat gold dust that it contains, mineralising because of the provision of magnesium, calcium and sodium. MAGNESIUM: able to latch on to water and improve the permeability of the epidermal barrier. CALCIUM: Modulator of the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes. SODIUM: together with potassium regulates water balance in the tissues. GOLD: Nourishes and revitalises the skin as it induces the incorporation of mineral nutrients. Immediate tightened effect, enhances the skin luminosity, and due to the gold effect, allows other actives to increase their effectiveness. Revitalized skin.

Mask: powder and gel.

5 single-dose ampoules + 1 algae peel-off facial mask per treatment.

Made in Spain.

Item #2003

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