Mesoestetic - Hard Cellulite Treatment m. prof 320 # 1964


The compact (or hard) Cellulite is characterized by a granular appearance and a hard consistency to the touch.

In certain cases it may be painful, and appears more often on the outer face thighs and inner knees. The 320 hard cellulite treatment helps to reduce the number and size of fat cells, reducing the contour of the treated area. Complete procedure consists of 10 sessions divided into 3 phases, draining, lipolytic and firming in order to ensure a correct implementation of treatment. Active ingredients: - artichoke extract: promotes the synthesis of coenzymes involved in lipid metabolism. - L-carnitine transports fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they transform into energy. - sweet clover extract: reduces inflammation, capillary permeability and edema. : promotes the degradation, mobilization and elimination of lipid-mesostabyl. - Organic 1% silicon:. stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin fibers - DMAE: produces a tensor and firming effect that improves the appearance of generalized form of the skin. - ginkgo biloba: it has stimulant properties of microcirculation, antioxidant and toning A more complete range of solutions and specific active ingredients in sterile ampoules for transcutaneous application. Synergy with devices and transcutaneous penetration of mesotherapy (Roller, Microneedling, Electroporation, Iontofoese, Ionization, Ultrasound, Cavitation Thermotherapy IV, etc.). systems

Topical use.

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