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Dr. Pen Microneedle Pen System - Rechargable # 618


Micro-needling is the use of multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin to allow for greater absorption of topically applied skin care products, enhanced stimulation of collagen and lasting growth, and visible improvements in skin tone. Micro-needling opens temporary channels in the most superficial layer of the skin and promotes the body’s natural healing process of producing new skin cells to replace aged or damaged skin.  Derma pen VS Derma rollers : Derma Pen: Minimized epidermal damage, less pain, high speed  vertical direction, easier to operate at  small or curved areas, adjust micro needle length (0.25-2.5mm) , prevent cross infection, disposable cartridge needles, faster and efficient .

Can be use with or without power cable, once pen is fully charge.

Frame:  plastic


5 Speeds and adapter for 100V outlet

2 Cartridges (Replacements $ 7.00each)

********1 month limited warranty ********

Item #618

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