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Quotes Thanks Ana, great customer service. See you in a month for the training. Quotes
Sophia Crawford

Quotes Thank you guys for all your help. As an esthetician student I feel lost with all the gadgets. It was great to be able to try all the equipment and get a feeling of what the industry have to offer. It felt like I went to a seminar. I will definetely go back when I am done with school. THANK YOU :) Quotes

Quotes Estupendo seminario, muy informativo. Quotes

Quotes Small store with infinite supplies. A great find! Thank you for taking the time to explain me the new technologies. October 5th, 2015 Quotes
Pat O'keefe

Quotes Mucha variedad de productos y excelente customer service. Quotes
Rod Castillo

Quotes What a surprise! You got a little bit of everything and it saves me a trip to Miami. Great service! Thanks Quotes
Martha Stone

Quotes Thank you guys for putting up with me. I feel really confident with your service. Boca Raton April 9,2015 Quotes
David Temple
Lipo laser elite

Quotes Great job on the glute lifting class Hernan. Learn a lot. Can't wait to use it on my clientele. Thanks Quotes
Glute lifting

Quotes muy satisfecha con mi cavi duo y muy agradecida con el trato que me dieron, la verdad si los recomiendo todo lo que ellos venden son muy buenos productos. Quotes
Johana claros

Quotes I was a little skeptical about the IPL, but thankfully is working. Is definetely a slow process. I'm doing a package where I include the slimming treatment and the IPL on the resting days. My clients love the variety of treatments I can offer. Keep me posted on specials and new equipment. Quotes
Vicky Green
Cavi 4 ADVANCE, December 6,2014